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Intern - Communications Manager  ($15 per hour)

Job Description

A new Nonprofit, Worldsculpt Inc. seeks an aspiring Communications Manager who wishes to gain experience building a brand, creating communications, fundraising, and community engagement.


This Communications Manager will be responsible for the following:

  • Growing a following across our social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 

  • Creating and implementing fundraising communications/ campaigns.

  • Creating Marketing Materials for digital and print.

  • Additional various tasks.



Desired Qualifications

·      High School Diploma

·      Some Secondary education in communications, marketing, business, or multimedia

·      A high Level of experience with social media platforms

·      Some knowledge of social media management tools (Ex. Hootsuite)

·      Great attitude and a willingness to learn

.     Experience with Canva                                      



Bonus Qualifications

·      Graphic Design/ Video Production

·      3D Modeling and or Printing Knowledge

·      Instructional Technology Experience   

* This position is available in partnership with Niagara University and only NIagara University Students are eligible.

For consideration, please send your resume to

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