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Project Worldsculpt

Worldsculpt Inc. is creating its inaugural 
installation which is self-titled “Project Worldsculpt.” 
Project Worldsculpt is a continuously growing modular 
sculpture comprised of three types of pieces. The first 
foundational piece is a four-sided polygon referred 
to as a  "MIP.” Short for the dodecahedron, Dodecs 
are connected with the second type of piece known as a 
connecting rod. The third type of pieces are contributed 
3D sculptures that slide over the connection rods. The 
result is a one-of-a-kind, multi-contributor art project 
that can and will take a shape and presentation based 
on the forms contributed

What is the inspiration behind 
Project Worldsculpt?

Project Worldsculpt is the culmination of many 
inspirations as well as a unique solution to current 
issues that affect our community.

Inspired by the COVID-19 way of life, we sought to 
build connections and bring people from all over the 
the world together while remaining safely apart. Project 
Worldsculpt will allow 3D designers and modelers 
from anywhere in the world to contribute, essentially 
forming a global team of artists. 

This project also serves another important purpose. 
It serves to help increase tourism in the Niagara Falls 
area. We felt if artists from all over the world could 
remotely contribute to a world-record art installation, 
they and others would be motivated to come to visit 
the site in the future.

The third motivator for us is the challenge faced by 
many in our area. Limitations caused by economic 
hardship. We understand that sometimes poverty and 
the daily struggles associated with living a challenging 
life can make it difficult for some to see beyond their 
immediate landscape. We are excited to provide the 
opportunity for locals to participate in tandem with 
people from all over the world and creating a space to 
showcase the results in their very own community. We 
seek to inspire locals, bring them hope, and help them 
see beyond the city limits, connecting them to a global 
community and reminding them that creativity knows 
no bounds.

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